18 September, 2015

Miss Effie


Effie used to be on a farm in Picton. The sheep farm closed up due to a divorce. People outside of Ottawa took Ellie and her son. Her people did have her spayed.

This sweetie is 5-years old. For two years, her former people tried to make her a working dog but she wasn't having it. She kept running away. She even got out over and under the fencing with a tire tied to her. Remember, if your dog isn't interested in working within three months, you now have a companion dog.

This little girl is about 50 pounds. She is low-ranked and wants nothing to do with other dogs, so far. She tries to leave the scene, tail between her legs. I couldn't image her defending a flock from coyotes.

I bathed her first because she smelled of sheep manure since that was a little hard to work with. Once dried, I groomed her for three hours. She was full of mats. She was so good and just lay there. Farmers seem to think that because a dog works and is outside all the time that they don't need to be groomed. On the contrary. Mats are very painful the thicker they get, and the more they pull at the skin when the dog moves.

A harsh word should never be spoken to this girl. With any dog, only positive-reinforcement methods should ever be used.

She has such a lovely smile. She soaks in any petting and her eyes squint in delight.

Effie is stressed but I think she'll get quite used to being on a real bed.
Again, stressed but she is good in the car. On her way to her foster.

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