Vet Visit?

Before you head to the vet for your dog's annual checkup,  vaccines and preventatives, make sure you become well-informed. It may save your dog from unnecessary vaccinations and poisons.

This is a very informative video on vaccinations by Drs. Becker and Shultz
Side affects of vaccinations.
More information on vaccinations.

Why I don't vaccinate my dogs.
By Catherine O'Driscoll in Vaccine Articles and News

Titre testing
Dr. Jean Dodds' protocol

Vaccination Requirements

Ever heard of MDR1?
Animal Genetics

You may also be interested to know exactly how dogs might get heartworm, and what preventatives are (preventative is a false term since the dog gets heartworm and then 'preventatives' go in and poison the heartworm).

Here is good information:
Dogs Naturally

Lyme Disease
You're thinking about vaccinating for Lyme? Read this article first.
Cause of Lyme Disease

Good Information
Vital Animals

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