22 August, 2015

Moushy (Manouche) Comes to Town

She has been adopted.

Miss Moushy is such a sweetheart. She is the epitome of a Pyr, so far. She is aloof and barks at squirrels and birds. She is a high-ranked female.

An animal rescue worked heard to rescue her from an elderly lady who had fallen ill. Finally, they brought her in, and asked if Great Pyr Rescue would take her. Indeed, we would.

Zeetie has been pretty awesome. She takes less time each time we bring a dog in. Moushy does not react, at all, to the silliness of Max and Zeetie's objections.

She is absolutely the epitome of a Pyr. She barks at anything deemed a threat and is aloof. She is in good shape for 9-years old. Her hips are a little weak, however. She has been shaven in the past. Time will tell if her full coat will come back. She is being vetted this weekend.

Make sure you do your research on the Pyr. They are not for most people.

She has already been bathed, nails trimmed, hairy feet trimmed, ears cleaned and blown dry. What a good girl.

She hasn't been posted, yet, but if you are interested in this girl, please fill out the adoption application

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