15 August, 2015

Zeetie and Max' Paradise

Max wasn't so excited about coming, however, whatever fears of wildlife
he had disappeared as he ripped around with Zeetie.
We are the only beings on this whole lake, aside from the bears, wolves, moose and the
fish staying at the bottom of the lake.
Zeetie and Max have free roaming access.
She loves to frog when she isn't watching out for bears and wolves.
Mackey loves the water. I almost hear the sizzle as he sinks in. I swatted that deer fly off his nose.
Coming back from an evening walk. It is just so beautiful and perfect here.
The days are busy for her while roaming about a 75 yard perimeter around me while I clear brush.
It is very comforting to hear her bell. She continues to watch in the evenings from the deck.
Max is happily inside curled up on a bed.
What a paradise!
A little relaxation on the water. Again, the fish stay at the bottom where it is cool on hot days.
Max has a great spot in a blue berry patch to help keep deer flies off.

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