07 October, 2015


Gypsy is with us until she goes back to her original foster, Marianne G.

This lovely girl has come back in. She was originally rescued by the Great Pyrenees Club of Southern Ontario and adopted out. Unfortunately, the people didn't pay attention to the adoption contract and gave her to someone else. That person then surrendered her to someone else who then contacted us.

She is around six years old and what a wonderful energy she has. She is good on a leash.

This girl is extremely territorial of a home she has deemed hers in a matter of seconds. She needs an animal-free home since she is very protective of her space. She is aloof to dogs on the street at the moment. I would recommend no dog parks for her. She is quite happy being with herself and her people.

We get into a routine with new dogs coming in. The gate goes up in the kitchen to separate everyone until there is acceptance. Well, it's not going to happen in this case.

I was in the kitchen with Gypsy. Don in the living room with Zeetie. We were making sure there wasn't going to be any nonsense. In a nano second, Zeetie came over to stare at Gypsy. I went to grab Gypsy but I was too late. The gate was down and the fight was on. Well, I think Gypsy had it in the can since she jumped on Ziti's back and bit her neck. She is a stocky girl with much weight to her.

The next day, she got to Max and leapt onto his back and bit his neck. Poor little guy. She traumatized him. He pretty much lives in the car except at night when we make him come into the house.

There are constant outbreaks when I just forget about the two of them. Zeetie outside and Gypsy inside. I forget to close the kitchen gate so those two can't eyeball each other through the sliding glass doors at the back. I fear they are both so strong that the doors will slide under the weight of them on either side trying to fight it out through the glass.

The crate went up and she does just fine in there during the day. She gets out a few times before she gets her afternoon walk.

Unfortunately, she has been shaven and I'm guessing more than once. We bathed her and trimmed her nails. She won't have enough of a coat to be out long in the winter without a coat. We can only hope it will grow back with time.

She is fine with people coming into her house when they are invited. And, she is fine with people on the street but, again, as a typical Pyr is aloof towards them.

She does well in the crate. Until she settles into a home, a crate is preferable for her since she can better relax and feel safe.

She doesn't appear to have spent much time alone in a fenced yard. She likes hanging out with her people wherever they are as she is very affectionate to us.

She loves her raw food.

She found herself a toy of sorts. It's the head off a stuffed and colourful ant-type creature. She gets pretty excited playing with it.

If you are interested in this sweetheart, please fill out the adoption application.
Pre-bath. She was a little dirty when she came in. She is such a clown.

Not yet bathed. She is pretty sweet.


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