08 January, 2015

Hello Ramona

She went to the perfect family. She goes on daily hikes through the bush and fields with her family and the neighbours and neighbour's dog. Life couldn't get better for her.

This sweetheart has been shifted a few times for various reasons and here she is with us. She was supposed to go off to the West Carleton Dog Boarding Kennels in Kinburn. Robert generously offered to board her for free for a week since I didn't think I wanted to foster this girl just because of time. But, I couldn't do it to her.

Zeetie has settled down. Moe is hanging out in the kitchen not sure what is happening to her. I did think about taking her to the kennel simply because tomorrow is going to be chaos with deliveries being made here. However, Moe made it clear she was not getting into another car to be delivered to yet another home. Decision made by Moe.

If you are looking for a big white fluffy, Moe might be the girl for you. She is mostly Maremma, however. Farmers breed these their dogs for one pup. They mix in Maremma (not companion dogs) with a Pyr to give some edge to guard their livestock. Then, they 'sell' the pups to unsuspecting public. Luckily, she has turned out to be a lovely girl. Read more about her on the Southern Ontario Great Pyrenees Rescue website.

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