18 January, 2015

Jasper is in Town

The initial greeting of Chrystal, our transport person, by Jasper was a huge lunge at her. That wasn't a good start after he was brought out of the basement by his people. He did settle in the car and was good with her young son so that kind of made up for a bad start.

When he arrived here, we met each other. He is very wary of hands coming at him from the front. He moves away from the hand as if shy but it's not shyness. If you use a loud voice to say 'off' the counter, he cowers.

You don't know the dog's reaction to anything so you are always careful especially after the lunge at Chrystal.

We know he is very itchy and his oder was unpleasant. He had scratched his face to blood on one side. I couldn't find any flea casings so I'll presume it's the food he was on. He is now on raw.

I cut out some huge mats from behind his ears. And, then, off to Canine Water Wellness to give him a bath. He was such a star. Emily, the owner, said fosters are free. I think she is crazy. I am grateful but she'll lose her shirt.

We've gone there for some years to give our dogs baths so this was such a bonus. Towels, shampoo, blower, dog cookies, brushes and even a grooming stand are for your use. I used to take Clara for water therapy after her ACL surgery.

He was such a good boy.
We pushed it by using the blower. He wasn't so happy about that and mouthed Don gently to let him know
it was freaking him out. We let him out of the tub. I then started feeding him treats slowly as
Don blew from afar and that worked for awhile and then, he had just had enough. Fair enough!
This was after his bath. You can see the rawness
from scratching his face. It looked worse before.

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