20 December, 2014

Raw–the best nutrition for dogs.

Zeetie had been drinking more than normal, and, hence, peeing more than usual. This meant getting up with her at 02h00 some mornings. After a couple of weeks of this, I decided to have her checked out.

My regular vet (a holistic vet with whom I'd had a meet and greet to ensure we were on the same page since I feed raw and don't do the regular vaccine protocols, etc.) was not available on Saturday so I had another great vet.

Let's play!
He asked me the usual questions to determine her problem. She wasn't peeing in the house, nor was she peeing more than normal outside except early mornings. She marks like a male dog would. Her diet hadn't changed of which I was aware.

So, what do you feed her? Here it comes, I thought, and it came. With raw diet, he says (not verbatim), they can lack in required nutrients and it's been two years she has been on it. Had I opened my mouth, we could have had a conversation but I didn't feel like getting into it even though I should have.

Zeetie's urine test came up clean. No UTI. Her blood work, gottcha Dr., was perfect.

I think my Zeetie may have been digging up and eating her food stash she buries outside. Not being as fresh as it once was may have required more liquid intake by her.

It's very irritating that some vets are so close-minded about raw. A dog's diet is such a huge factor in their health. Since Zeetie has been on raw, her allergies have disappeared, no more anal gland issues, beautiful white teeth, such a small amount of poop, and her coat is more luxurious that ever.

Max insists on being an outdoor dog on the coldest of days.
Zeetie loves the cold. Her outdoor bed lies upon a Kuranda bed.

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