22 July, 2013

Looking (More) Beautiful

This boy will make someone a wonderfully loyal and sweet companion. He will need experienced dog people and a fairly quiet adult only family. And, a big fenced yard is a must.

He is a really good boy but his approach to new dogs on the street highlights his lack of socialization in his early years. He is fine with our two dogs, and our regular visitor, the Trickster. Once he is properly introduced to a dog, he has been fine to-date. Never, in all our times of fostering, have I known such a cohesive household among the dogs, although, it's not perfect, of course. Our Zeetie makes sure of that!

I am working on his reaction to other dogs. Continued work will be ideal. No walks at all would be fine, too.

He would be fine to have a canine companion in the home or be the only dog. He likes to play in his goofy way with the dogs.

I've taken out a lot of undercoat with still some to go but check him out!
Before  — 11. April, 2013
After — 20. July, 2013 (over three months later)


Kerry said...

Wow, he's looking beautiful!! How is he with other dogs?

Donna said...

He has been great with my two (male and female) and another one who visits. He also, if you see all the pics, temp fostered with a friend. He was good with her dogs although her one dog was afraid of him. His big issue is having had no socialization in how to greet dogs. He leaps and barks at them so we continually have to change direction when we see an oncoming dog. He needs to have a quiet home with a big fenced yard where he can spend his time.