20 August, 2013

Mr. Wilson in Action

This is an update following a session with another wonderful trainer, Jade Hill of Jaderr Obedience. She has amazing insight and common sense. She is my key in helping Wilson.

Watch Mr. W's video Watch his video. Please pass this link on to whomever you feel might know someone who might know someone who would be a good match for Wilson. Thank you so much.

Ziti, Wilson and Max
  • It is evident that Mr. Wilson has not had much exposure to activity from new people in the house to bikes, people, cars on the street.
  • We are working with Mr. Wilson so he knows that he need not react by leaping and barking at things by which he is disturbed. He will learn that he needn't react in his silly way. He won't be perfect but he'll become manageable. You need to help him feel safe.
  • Pyr experience is necessary.
  • Wilson must live in a single home (no apartments or townhomes) since Pyrs do bark at all things they deem a threat including butterflies heading south two miles away.
  • He must have a quiet adult-only home because he prefers the quiet.
  • He becomes stressed over strangers in the home but once he realizes no harm will come to him, he warms up to the attention.
  • He should not be around children.
  • He has spatial awareness issues. It could be that he didn't get out of a room at all and has a problem with space. We are working on this. It's quite adorable, in fact, because that's what makes him such a boog.
  • He loves playing and running in the backyard. A country home would be ideal.
  • He must have a fully-fenced yard in which he can run and play. Know that Pyrs love to spend time outside digging a bed in the earth to stay cool in the summer, and in the snow to stay cool in the winter.
  • Pyrs must stay on leash as they are independent thinkers, and do things on their own time.
  • He does have Addison's and he takes his medication easily...two tiny pills are dropped down his throat before each meal. Addison's does contribute to his stress levels.
  • We are not sure how he is with cats but Pyrs are known to be good with domestic pets in the home. It would take slow and careful introduction. 
  • He is well-behaved in the car and in the home.
  • He will do well in the right environment with on-going work on his social awkwardness. Engaging a trainer to help you work with him will benefit you and Wilson greatly. There is no better way to bond with your pet.
  • He is a really lovable boog to whom you would endear yourself. Ready for a rewarding challenge?

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