07 July, 2013

He's back.

Wilson was with a friend for temp fostering while we were away. He had a blast playing with the resident Pyr and now he's back : ))
We are looking for a more appropriate setting for him since he doesn't do well on his walks when we meet up with other dogs. As I have said before, he lunges and barks. This is a behaviour that is becoming more managable. In the meantime, he should be in a quiet setting with a big backyard where he can run around and play or just lie in the dirt and survey his domain. Another dog would be preferable but not necessary. He is just a big sweetie.

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Kerry said...

I'm glad to have found your blog! I keep a foster blog too (I foster for Genesis Dog Rescue here in Ottawa) and it's great to hear about a fellow foster family's experience :) Here's my blog address incase you want to check it out: jaxandcompany.blogspot.com