29 May, 2013

The Real Mr. Wilson?

We know that as foster dogs settle in and relax, we learn more about them, and their real characters emerge.

As the days go by, Wilson does not appear particularly interested, everytime, in making those longer afternoon treks on which we take him. The morning one is fine but the afternoon/evening ones, well, those are another story. Don't get me wrong. So far, he loves the off-leash romps in the fenced in areas, running after smells to whom he doesn't know they belong. However, on some days, those boring city walks are less than favourable for him. He plants his feet, and as I convince him to come along, his paws move as if he were pulling them one by one off a freshly tarred road.


He is a Pyr, like most, who loves to hang out and survey his domain from the couch or, more favourably, from the backyard or country property and enjoy playtime with friends and periodic romps off-leash in fenced-in areas. He just loves that part.

He is one sweet boy. I now let him, with permission from other dogs' people, go meet other dogs. He just wants to say hello. If the other dog shows fear, he doesn't seem to understand and barks at it. Otherwise, he sniffs around for a bit, wags his tail, and that's pretty much it. He just has a big curiosity.

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