16 April, 2013

Settling in Nicely

For the first time I left him loose in the house, I came down to the basement. I heard some roaming around and then nothing on the main floor. I let it be quiet for about 10 minutes. I then went up to check to see what was happening. No dog on main floor, no dog in plain view on the second floor. Into the bedroom. There he was, stretched out quite comfortably on the bed. Where every dog should be!
He has the cutest, squishiest face.

This is one handsome boy. How can you not love that face?
He sleeps in the bedroom with Zeetie and us, and he is very content. Zeetie has not yet allowed him on the bed with her, however, but he can be on it without her.

I have a hard time getting him out of bed mornings he is so relaxed. He just turns over on his back for belly rubs so I have to get the leash onto his collar to do a little convincing.

He and Zeetie can be together, now. Zeetie warns him off when he gets his nose up her bum but once he stops that nonsense, she is ready to play.

He went for a bath, finally. He was a little startled by all of it, and we had to hang on tight but what a clean smelling dog now. It turns out our boy has parasites which would explain some of the lost weight and his lousy coat. No amount of grooming will make it the best it can be with those in him. He is being snipped as I write this, and he'll be sent home with the medication to clear up the parasites.

He is turning out to be an amazing dog. It turns out that the the police went to his original house to arrest the husband. The wife told the police to take the dog away and have him euthanized. The police took him to a shelter, and well, the shelter people knew better. I must say, though, his former owners must have done something right with him. He is an amazingly affectionate dog to those he knows which is characteristic of a Pyr as they are aloof with strangers.

He is still trying to play with Max occasionally but has settled for lying in the kitchen. It doesn't matter how much Max snarls and hisses at him, he doesn't seem to know what lashing back means, and that is amazing. He'll make someone the most awesome companion, once he learns to socialize with other dogs. That will be a work in progress but one well worth it.

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mellabobella said...

The last picture of them playing is wonderful. Nice to see you fostering again!