13 April, 2013

On Day 7

Day 7 and Wilson and Zeetie played today. He finally seemed to get that he needed that playbow and away they went for a short time. Poor Zeetz. Once he won her over, he was more interested in doing what intact male dogs do best, and that is sniffing and peeing on everything, and then, sticking his nose up Zeetz' bum.


He has such a beautiful big and curly tail, and a big, bouncy stride.
Max, on the other hand, just plain doesn't like him. Max doesn't back off from Wilson, and Wilson just doesn't understand. I just can't believe he doesn't even react to Max except wanting acceptance. It may have something to do with him still being intact that Max dislikes him. What a switch around. Normally, we have to worry about Zeetie.

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