11 April, 2013

It's Wilson

He's up for adoption!
He is stressed but settling in nicely. He is a six-year old baby who is absolutely stunning. I haven't seen an aggressive bone in his body, yet, but he has no social graces when it comes to dogs. He doesn't know when to back off so poor Max. Max is afraid of him so stands his ground, snarling and growling but Wilson keeps on going to him, wanting to play and be friends. We don't let him, though.

He weighed in at 79 pounds Tuesday, April 9th. He needs another 10-20 pounds. It's hard to tell since he is all coat. He has a great spring in his step and that big tail just curls up and around in happiness.

Zeetie, of course, hasn't accepted him yet so he is in his crate during the day. No worries. He gets plenty of walks during the day, and sleeps with one of us at night. Zeetie will lie outside his crate, guarding his food in the crate, claiming it as hers. We send her away. She comes back, and just lies outside his crate in an amiable manner. They touched noses this morning before she did her protest barking.

When people want to adopt, some say, only if he gets along with my dog. Well, first meetings aren't always that great, especially with Pyrs. Zeetie will never like a dog, on first, second or even third day. She is afraid, proprietary and just needs to take time to get to know a dog. There has been the occasional dog, off property, to whom she takes. Bring that same dog into her home, and it's bets off.

This boy is just so sweet with his big fat face. He really is a good boy and walks well on a leash. He is strong when he decides he want to go his own way but a firm check settles him down. I can't wait to give him a bath and am grooming him a little each day. His soft, white hair blows into the neighbourhood in tufts. There will be many bunny and bird homes constructed from this material.

He has Addison's. This disease is another great pretender as it resembles so many other illnesses. It is an adrenal gland dysfunction which is an endocrine-disorder when the adrenal glands do not produce enough of a certain hormone. The adrenal glands sit next to the kidneys. If you are interested in reading more, read up in the Whole Dog Journal. Wilson will live a normal life now that he is being treated. It only costs 45.00 a month.

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