14 January, 2013

Dogs in Harmony

See the comments below on this post. Messages are conflicting, however. Note that these are my photographs. Perhaps what 'Anonymous' meant to say was not to have its dog appear in the photos. Changes have been made accordingly.

 I smiled as I took this first picture, and instantly thought of Lynn and Dogs in Harmony. Lynn's teachings are why we have dogs in harmony and why we can manage Zeetie and why Zeetie can share her couch (with time).

Boscoe has been staying with us for the last month, and sadly, for us, goes home shortly. He is very happy here. It only took until day five for Zeetie to fully accept him. She had already had him for a week this past summer but she certainly did not get to this level of acceptance. She now allows him in the bedroom, on the bed, near her toys (he doesn't care about toys, at least not hers), on the couches. He can drink the water, too! They can all be walked together and play with no fights. It is so peaceful. We live in harmony, for sure. Well, she and Max will always protect their food, as does Boscoe, but I don't consider that an issue. However, Boscoe might. He has a little facial welt which is presently healing nicely. 

Trickster, Ziti, Max and Boscoe

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