07 December, 2012

Does Everyone Just Close Their Eyes?

Does anyone know or even care how many dogs are euthanized everyday at shelters across the world, across Canada, in Ottawa at our own Ottawa Humane Society? Those cute puppies people 'bought' for Christams gifts from a pet shop or a backyard breeder. Then it peed on the floor, jumped on the guests, ripped up the furniture because no one bothered to show it how to live in our society or exercise it. No one thought beyond the cuteness.

They didn't think they'd have to feed it regularly, train it not to jump on people (training is pretty easy), housetrain it (very easy), exercise it, socialize it and the dog will live anywhere, barring any tragic circumstances, between 10 and 18 years old. That dog should be with your family for that entire time, living as part of your family.

Dogs have to be turned away from rescues. Why, because they have been working on fixing other people's dogs, the ones they didn't have time or money for, the ones they didn't spay or neuter and have had pups, the ones that come from puppy mills in Quebec, from the Amish puppy mills in Ontario and we have now run out of funds because we have four upcoming big surgeries that will cost money. The dogs that no one wanted because they weren't cute anymore.

Those dogs end up in 'shelters' (horrible places for most dogs to be) or rescues. Chances are these same dogs haven't been spayed or neutered so already they have created more unwanted pups. I'm saying this because one woman just turned up with 5-6 week old pups wanting to dump them. And, you know what, we have no funding left to care for more dogs. Just like so many of the other rescues who are overflowing.

Come on people. Put your thinking caps on. Don't get a dog if you can't be bothered to the put the work into it. And, if you feel it's work, don't get a dog. I cannot believe people who adopt a rescue, and the dog does something like be possessive to its human because it doesn't know whether it's coming or going, and the new people give up. They are ready to dump it at the closest vets. Not even willing to have a trainer in. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out that if the dog is growling in the bedroom at the longer time resident dog that the adopted dog should not be in the bedroom. Where is the problem?

We work hard as volunteers. We want to do our best, and everyone becomes tired because it's never ending. We are constantly smashing our heads against the wall because so many people work against us. We don't have to be here as a rescue. No rescue does. We do it because we want to save deserving dogs, the dogs people discarded or abused because of their selfishness. It's just never ending, and we know that. And, then, Paws R Us who had a court order not to breed for two years is out there breeding again, just in time for Christmas, and what does Quebec say? Well, we are ensuring the conditions are good for the dogs. Sure, 500 more dogs stuck in cages, fed peanuts, bred every heat, never see the light of day, etc. And the cycle begins, again. What was the whole point of saving those last dogs?

Dogs are nothing to so many people yet they want one to keep their kid happy. For how long? A couple of weeks, tops?

Sometimes, we all just want to pack it in. Does anyone other than us really care? Take your dog to the local human society where, if it doesn't meet their 'health and mental' criteria, into the gas chamber it goes. Don't think about it, though. It'll go away. Here no evil, see no evil.

Organizations such as Puppy Mill Awareness Solutions are in need of your help. Volunteer work can be thankless but one should be doing it for the rewards it can bring. For example, perhaps, just perhaps, PAWS can get this brought to the legislature, get the work done in having legislation to shut these factories down. Wouldn't you like to be a part of that? Please, contact pawsolutions1@gmail.com.

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