22 November, 2012

Help Shut Down Puppy Mills

Please follow the Puppymill Awareness...Working Towards a Solution facebook page!

If puppy mills did not exist, we wouldn't have such a large need for rescues. Nor would we need shelters where thousands of dogs are euthanized every day because they are overflowing with unwanted dogs. Why are they  unwanted? Because people got that cute little puppy, and then it grew up. Not so cute now, and everyone lost interest in that animal. No one bothered to show it how to live in society. Nor did they spay/neuter so that dog ended up making more unwanted puppies and the cycle goes on. Those people did not think beyond the second they saw the cute puppy in the window. Nor, did they care about the welfare or future of this disposable pet.

Quebec continues to shut down puppy mills but you can be sure they continue to open up as legislation is very weak in that province. Eileen and I both volunteered at the Emergency Shelter after the largest bust HSI had done in history of 527 dogs. We both saw the horrors of what happens to dogs when they are bred repeatedly for years, fed nothing more then pellets occasionally, no vet care unless it was to fix a dog so they can continue to be bred, scared dogs who never saw the light of day, were never socialized, and some were dogs who used to live in a proper home but the owners never spayed/neutered them. That's where they ended up by the lying Labombards.

Because of her experience there, Eileen and her team have taken up the daunting task of working towards shutting these factories down forever. She started the organization called Puppy Mill Awareness. With so many people who feel the same way as we do, it would be great to have a little of your help.

Part of her Christmas campaign is to post the poster below. With your help, educating the public will help to shut them down. I have attached a .jpg of the poster below for you to print out and post wherever you see fit. You can also post it on your own website and facebook page.

For more information or to get a .pdf of this 11 x 17 poster for proper printing, email Eileen at pmasolutions7.gmail.com

Please help. Your help is appreciated more than you can know!

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Kten said...

It says so much about our society that we let this happen. Sigh!