16 November, 2012

Down and Dirty

Above is some footage from last summer. Max loves his Zeetie because he can 'attack' her, and she'll surrender like putty in his paws.The two of them destroyed the lawn down to a fine pile of dirt. It was reseeded, and it came back beautifully this year. However, it's disapyring, again. It's hard to stop, and why would you want to, two dogs from having so much fun. I'm told it would be nice to have a lawn.

Max has, of course, picked up Zeetie's habit of going after unknown dogs. However, the difference being that if that dog looks at him sideways, he high tails is back to me when I call him. Zeetie, on the other hand, goes for it, and there is no turning back.

Zeetz is slowly getting better about seeing other dogs, as long as I see the dog before or at the same time as she does. I bring her in closer to me, leaving the leash slack all the while telling her to leave it. I let her look for a bit, then tell her to leave it. She will look away, and gets much praise for it. I have to focus on this, rather than socialize with the other person.

Occasionally, she loses it if I miss the moment. Max will growl and lunge while Zeetie is doing the same thing. This becomes more difficult to manage but it gets done.

Naturally, people always say 'let her go, it's the leash making her like that'. And, I reply 'I could let her go, but she will go after your dog'. They don't believe me. But then, what do I know.


Kten said...

They can't learn good habits from each other can the!

Donna said...

He does, actually, pick up her good behaviour. He even lolls around on his back now looking for tummy rubs. He learned to sit and lie down from her so, there is some good!