07 October, 2012

The First Crisp Fall Morning

So, Max was very excited to wear his new hoodie. It was an amazing gift from our neighbours. Max is very happy to have it, although, his look in these pics is his dislike of cameras in his face.

I attended an Ian Dunbar seminar. It was amazing, although very wordy and the three days could probably have been done in a day and half. 

Ian's training is all about working with the dog, not against the dog. And, of course, treating the dog with respect. And, crate training just became simple. That one interests me for my fosters whom I could not previously keep in a crate. Put all great goodies including peanut butter, bacon, cheese, mushy kibble into a Kong. Freeze it. Tie it into the back of the crate. Close crate door. Dog who previously refused to go in crate or stay in crate, now wants into the crate. Let the dog in, but leave the door open until the dog is comfortable in it. Previously, I was throwing food into the crate. The dog ate the food and left.  Now, eventually, you can close the door for longer and longer periods of time.

In the visit he had with Cesar Milan and his dog, he saw how inhibited Milan's dog was. The dog was afraid to do anything. Ian finally managed to bring him out of his shell with the dog's love of the ball.

You can get some excellent training tips by following Ian at Dog Star Daily

We won't be fostering for a little while. We are taking a little break.


Kten said...

LOVE the hoodie. Max has the look that Hailey has when she has clothes on!

Glad Dunbar was helpful.

Happy Thanksgiving

Donna said...

The hoodie is gorgeous. However, three legs and four holes creates the usual issue with coats. It twists around.

Dunbar is always helpful!