10 August, 2012

Amazing Grace Goes Home

It is with sad hearts for us but happy hearts for Gracie that we take her to her new home shortly. She will get all the love and attention she so deserves, and more.

At last, Gracie is really enjoying being an indoor dog where she gets to sleep wherever she wants, well, except on Zeetie's side of the bed but Zeetie lets her into the bedroom now. It seems that yesterday we could all relax more as everyone is getting along so well. We still keep an eye, though.
Surveilling her domain.

Last evening, we were outside, all dogs inside. I peaked through the side door window after a few minutes, no Gracie to be seen. I went inside and walked around the main floor. No Gracie. I went back out the side door, and walked around to the front door and peered through the glass. There she was, sitting at the top the stairs, as Zeetie always does, surveying her domain as all good Pyrs do.

All is going so well with our Gracie. She has become more relaxed every day. She will still follow me around but it is slowly becoming less so. She has made so much progress since coming to us on June 30th. I get this feeling that she can't believe her luck.
Gracie gets to sleep on the bed on her last night with us.
People constantly say they could not foster because they could never let the dog go. I thought that after Toby, our first foster. It was so tempting to keep that boy but I also needed to prove that I could do this fostering thing. Zeetie loved him, too.

Then we got Toby two. It wasn't too difficult to let him go. This fostering thing was getting easier. Then there was Max with whom Zeetie had a real connection. Zeetie needed a friend because she, in her own way, is special needs : ))) so Max stayed. Then Hera who needed one on one, and now Gracie.

We have our two residents so fostering is easier because we know our house can't hold three full-time dogs.

We are helping dogs in need as fosters do. The experienced fosters know that it may be hard to say goodbye but we also know that we can then bring another dog in who needs our help. Our help to help them get ready to move into their forever homes.
Until we see you again, Gracie.


Kten said...

What you and other fosters do is amazing! As an "owner" to two rescued dogs, thank you for loving and letting go!

Wishing Gracie all the best in her forever home.

Donna said...

Thanks Kten. I'm looking forward to my next foster. Although, I really miss Gracie.