26 July, 2012

Running Free

Before I start, I want to thank Don profusely for being so generous to, compassionate for and accepting of foster dogs I bring in. He understands what I am doing, and has been very forgiving of the hell he has gone through with some them. His heart goes out to these dogs, and he'll do, with me, what it takes to save them. However, some days I am afraid I'll be turned out on the street like those who were before coming through rescue. Thank you Don for your warm heart.

We have dogs in harmony in the house, well, sometimes. It's wonderful. Gracie is onto the routine, Zeetie and she play, and, so far, no more fights. Well, that's not true. Two female Pyrs vying for attentions of one sort or another will end in a fight occasionally.

It's amazing what routine, and patience can do. You can't expect to bring a new dog into a house of well-established resident dogs, and have them readily accept this stranger. Or, you  might get lucky with some dogs. This, however, has and will never happen as long as Zeetie is around. She isn't big on sharing the love so quickly. Like any new dog in the house, though, things will usually work out with time, a little work and patience. There are exceptions, of course. And, there will always be some blips.

Lynn has been phenomenal in donating her time to work with rescue dogs for consultations on Gracie, and previous dogs I have had, as well as dogs with other fosters. This consultation was no different. Everytime I work with my dogs, I think about what Lynn would do, and then hope I get it right when I come up with a solution. I cannot say enough goods things about Lynn of Dogs in Harmony. Zeetie has become manageable, with the occasional blip due to the situation, because of her help, and all the training I did with her with my previous dogs. Thank you so much, Lynn.
The hog was so close she could taste it. She is so patient.
I'm a little embarrassed by the state of Zeetz' coat but she is such a pigpen,
always rolling in the dirt when playing with her friends.
The two girls marking together before the hunt.

As I have said before, as I get to know a foster, I'm always guessing about their background by their reactions to different stimuli. She gets very excited over birds and butterflies which would tell me she musn't have gotten out much. She reacts as Max used to birds and butterflies.
Gracie is scopey and slightly clumsy. 
As a Pyr, yes, she will disa-Pyr in that she wanders off. However, what she does is not something I have encountered before. When she plays with Zeetie, they run around seemingly totally engaged. I let go of the leash on two separate playing occasions (I'm a slow learner: do as I say, not as I do) so they wouldn't become so entangled in the leashes. No sooner do I let the leash go when Gracie goes galloping off, oblivious to my calls to 'come' or 'stay'. I'm not surprised by this, but wow, she just keeps going with no intentions of stopping. Yes, I managed to get her on both occasions, but had visions of having to haul her off the vet for emergency surgery because she was hit by a car. I've learned my lesson.

Her 'comes' are great in the house and yard.  There is some more work to do, yet, of course, for her recall. Pyrs don't have a lot once they get going, but they can have some. I do expect her to wander, but to at least listen to a stay like Zeetie within in a certain distance would be helpful. It's expecting a lot, I know, from a dog who has only been with us for a few weeks. I know better.

She gets more amazing each day. She is such a sweetie who loves lying on the couch at bedtime, with her head on Don's legs looking absolutely content. She loves her walks, loves to play, and eats well now.


Kten said...

There is no worse feeling then realizing your dog is running the other way and not planning on coming back. Glad things are going well. She is such a beautiful girl!

Donna said...

Thanks, Kten. She is a doll and will be so loved in her new home.