19 July, 2012

And, so it was on the 16th day,

that Zeetie playbowed to Gracie

Zeeters playbows.

We arrived home after our evening walk with the dogs, and started talking to our neighbour about Gracie, and then it happened. Zeetie gave the playbow.  After her initial fights with Gracie, us keeping them separated all the time, Zeetie giving her the ignoring/cold shoulder for 16 days, Zeetie caved. I knew she couldn't keep it up forever. She loves to play, and is quite social once she gets over her fears. I think the effects of the spay certainly helped, and Gracie is very sweet.

Our hearts sang. We couldn't let them play too much because Grace still needs another five days of recuperation. That will be easier said than done because Gracie is pretty crazy to play. This breakthrough also means they can all be as one in the house. What a relief.

Gracie discovered toys at our house. She is most entertaining as she tosses the toys around.
Gracie is so gangly and very awkward when she plays. She is like a teenager. It's almost as if she hasn't played with dogs before, but I'm sure she has. Don't all dogs play with other dogs? Silly question. Zeetie seems to be trying to teach her her way of playing.

It still amazes me at how unscathed she really is. Again, her previous owner did something right. I have to give him that. She is the sweetest, and most well-behaved Pyr who has come into rescue (besides Ziti) whom I've had in my house. How anyone could have dumped her, I'll never know.

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Kten said...

One's heart sings when dogs play nicely. Why do they always want to play when the vet has told them to rest? I have always found that so hard to do! Glad they are getting along!