16 July, 2012

Gracie Goes to Adoption Day

Gracie keeps amazing me. She wanted to play with every dog that walked through the door at Barrhaven Pet Valu. She is big, goofy and plays rough at the moment. She is full of beans but has to remain leash walked for another week while she finishes recovering from her spay.

She also was wonderful with everyone she met, including children.

Gracie didn't waste time in wooing the customers.  Rico checking things out. Ricco greeted everyone who came into the store, looked into their eyes, wondering if they were going to be his match for a forever home. What a good boy he is.
Gertie is such a sweetie. 

But,  being so good, she also has a couple of issues that need to be worked with but they actually aren't a big deal. She reacts to dogs when food is around, and will lunge at them. We are working with her on this. There is also the matter of her panicking when left alone in the house. We are working on this, too. We have started by leaving her in the house while we sit out of sight outside. So far, so good. Nothing can be fixed overnight. Patience, time and consistency are the keys.

Zeetie and she can say hello through the fence now without a fight breaking out. Until Zeetz playbows to her, however, we continue to keep them separated. She tolerates Gracie.

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