13 July, 2012

Max, Gracie and Zeetz

Gracie went to the vet for her spay, and Max came along for the ride.

Max was intrigued by the statue of the black lab by the front door of the clinic. He was smart enough to know it was some kind of dog. It was probably dog scent, read urine, which puzzled him because the dog didn't move. He kept standing at a slight distance, reaching his nose out as far as he could without getting too, too close, his body hunched up, ready for take off, and his little tail vibrating like a twining fork. I wish I had had my camera. He did this a few times, and then I think he finally realized this dog wasn't any threat.
Max' 'friend' at the vet clinic after he figured out it wasn't real.
When I picked her up, Gracie cried getting into the car, and getting out because she was in pain. Once home, she lay in the cool grass, sleeping. Max, strangely enough, watched over her. He seemed quite concerned about her. He wouldn't come up on the porch with us, as he normally would. Later, he went on a little pee walk with her, and stayed right by her side.

Max watches over Gracie with concern.
Zeetie always liked her crate, and since Gracie has been here, she has taken to having her day naps in it. Note the doorframe to the right. Thanks to Gracie.

Gracie is recovering well. She goes into the office now and again and is so well-behaved.  

She is turning out to be an amazing Pyr as far as behaviour goes. Once she puts on another 15 or so pounds, she will be even more stunning than she is now. 

She loves riding in the car.

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