08 July, 2012

Zeetie's Back

I'm afraid I scared people away by the first profile I wrote about Gracie. I wrote it too soon. I just want to make sure Gracie is perfectly matched to her new home.
Such grace.
She is a just so amazing and sweet. That is the truth. She is great to walk because, unlike with Zeetz, I don't have to worry about her having fear of other dogs. Her tail wags up a storm, and so far, as I said, she wants to engage in play. She did try with Zeetz.

It seem's so strange. We wanted to go out, but we weren't quite sure what to do with Gracie. She seems so content in the backyard so, we left her outside, and went to dinner. We came back a couple of hours later, and she was just lying there quietly in the grass, listening to, probably us sneaking up the driveway, something. There is something about being left alone in the house that panics her. Maybe it's just that she hasn't lived in one, although she has perfect manners in the house.

She has been going into the office since her panic in the house. It's hard to know what her past, or any rescue dog's past is. We just guess by the way they act.

Running the fields.
She is such a beauty.
Well, chaos in the form of Zeetie arrived back from camp. Slightly plumper but happy. We asked Sue if she would like to have her for one more week because it's been really peaceful at ours. What was I thinking? We love her, she said, but, I think she needs to go home now was the message received from Sue. Oh, Zeetie. I think your welcome was overstayed!

Max was happy to see Zeetie, and Zeetie was thrilled to see him.

As known, mayhem ensued. Zeetie being the b*tch that she is, and Gracie not spayed, Zeetie ignored Gracie for a little while, eyeballing her from under her eyelids. We let them outside, and then Zeetie snapped. Gracie defended herself, and rightly so. By my best guess, if it had been Gracie's choice, they would have played. Now, the stage has been set so we have to keep them separate. Gracie will be spayed tomorrow.

Go ahead, make my day.
Did I say how wonderful and sweet she is?

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