29 April, 2013

Beautiful Mr. Wilson

Such a beauty inside and out.
Wilson had his bath (I missed his face but will wash that shortly), and some grooming . He has been dewormed. He is now neutered. He is on his way to putting on weight. His coat will begin to get some shine and lose its dullness.

It had to happen. Zeetie finally had Wilson growling at her, ready for a scrap. Oh, Zeetie. My little sweet tomboy. I intercepted it before anything happened.

This guy is just one cutie patootie. True to being a gentle giant, he is so wonderfully sweet but I keep saying that. He is an excellent boy in the house. He loves to lie on the bed and look out the window. Or, lie on the couch and sleep, or, lie in the middle of the kitchen floor while we prepare dinner. He is learning to lie down while we eat instead of placing his chin squarely on the table top, watching us eat.

When we return from being out for a few hours or so, he is either lying at the back door, or upstairs in bed. We do crate him if Zeetz and Mac are with him in the house when we go out (a friend lent me a Wilson-sized BIG crate.) Max just does not like this big guy near him. I think it’s because, again, he is a one bitch dog. He does not like sharing Zeetie, and I think, plain out just doesn't like this guy.

A breakthrough at last on his sighting of a dog. We walked by a house with a barking dog in the back. Wilson looked, 'clever boy', I said. He whipped his head and shoulders around, and took the treat, treat, treat, 'good boy, Wilson'. I will need to up the treat value because the standard treats don't work as a distraction if the dog we pass is on leash across the street. I've discovered he also likes to leap at cars as they drive away from a stop. We were successful with no leaps today.

He'll come around with someone willing to be patient and work with him. Working with a dog like this can only help both of you get to know each other.

He is one amazing Pyr. You only have to meet him to know this.

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