05 June, 2012

We Have a House Guest

Before and after.

Water dog.
Zeetie, of course, wasn't happy when our houseguest, Boscoe, entered her house. At every place he sniffed, she was close behind, sniffing right behind him. As he headed upstairs, she raced past him and leapt onto her bed, warning him to stay out of her bedroom.

Or, Boscoe looking for pets while Don was in the kitchen. That was way too close to what, Zeetie watched closely, could potentially be her food. She tore into the kitchen, growling and trying to go for Boscoe. Boscoe turned on her, in his polite way, and she backed off, but still growling.

One day, Boscoe came in from outside before her, and she leapt onto him from behind. I believe he gave her a what for to stop any further nonsense.

It just clicked about letting sleeping dogs lie because my dogs do and probably, most dogs do. As Boscoe lies at the bottom of the stairs, barring any passage up the stairs, my dogs let out their  'I want upstairs' pleas.

Max is loosening up with Boscoe. Anytime Max is let out of the car (his favourite sleeping place during the day), he becomes very jaunty, and gets excited to see Zeetie. Well, if only Boscoe is there, he'll try to engage him. Zeetie is lightening up, too. She and Boscoe almost started to play one day, but there were too many children seeking their attention so that had to be postponed.

It was a big day for Boscoe!

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