16 May, 2012

Miss Hera Living the Life She Deserves

Here are photos, taken by her adopters, of Miss Hera Bera in her new home. I had tears in my eyes to see her looking happy and tired. I can tell she also was recently bathed. Here is the latest email I received from her people:

Today was her first big stretch alone. She was alone for 6 hours, and was very good. We are crating her when we are out, and are slowly working on having her uncrated. She only barks as we go out the door. Very good :). Yesterday she had a bath, which was very, very entertaining. I forgot about the fact that even with a good dry off, the water will stay in their undercoats. She shook and covered myself, and everything else in the bathroom, in hair and water. She also LOVES gardening with me. Mostly because she loves chasing the water from the hose. She gave digging a try, but after a firm "no dig" and treat, she seemed uninterested. I would not be surprised if she tried again, but I am sure we will break her of this habit.

Today, we gave her a good brushing. She likes wrestling and chewing which we incorporated into brushing. She was having a pretty good time.

Last night she also slept in her crate. The past few nights she decided to start barking at 3 a.m.. At first we thought it was because she needed to go to the bathroom, but her only goal seemed to be playing. When we put her in her crate, she settled right down and went to sleep.

We are currently working on Stay, Lie down, Sit, and Gentle(for walking). She just lay down on command. :) Here are a few Hera Pics :)

On our home visit, her new people had told me that she wouldn't be allowed on the couch. Well, maybe she can be on this couch.

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Mel said...

If that isn't the best update ever... that is one happy dog. :)