12 June, 2012

A Water Fight

I was coming back with the dogs from an afternoon walk. I was thinking how Zeetz and Boscoe were getting along, and even an attempt at play. Zeetie lets him into the bedroom now, and he sleeps on her side of the bed, on the floor, that is.

It was pretty hot and humid out. I let them into the backyard where there were two water dishes in different spots. I turned to attend to Max when I heard the fight begin.

The fight appeared to have started over the water. The dogs were both hot and tired, and hence, the fight escalated. My neighbours must think I am nuts, having these seemingly 'aggressive' dogs all the time, and hearing me yell at them, which did not have any deterring effect, by the way. I would just get Zeetie off, and Boscoe would come back at her. Somehow, after some rallying, I was able to end it. In hindsight, I should have thrown the water on them. 182 lbs worth of dog is hard to break up. Zeetie is only 70lbs, and I can easily get her off, but Boscoe is another story. Between the heat, and the need for water probably got those two going. Nothing like a little scrap on a sizzling hot afternoon to recharge oneself.

Zeetz is a little firecracker who is very brave, but not so smart sometimes.

Boscoe can squeeze into anywhere.

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