11 April, 2012

The Truth of the Matter

Hera is the product of my fellow human beings who have issues. She has come out of her lousy young life fairly unscathed. And, she is a puppy. That is the truth of the matter.

Probably starved as a younger pup, she is quite intense when food smells waft in the air. I crate her during food preparation and dining or scuffles will break out. Mostly with Max because he just has no time for her.

This is the result of one of those scuffles. Max had had it, and gave her a 'what for'. Ear bites can be pretty bloody so blood was everywhere each time she shook.
As a result, her right ear is a little more floppy.
Zeetie and Max were also products of a lousy beginning in life. With time, patience and consistency, they are the most wonderful companions for which I could have hoped.

Hera, too, will make the most devoted and adoring companion in the right family.

As time goes on, she is settling in. She still circles, and eventually, she will go lie down by the door, playing with her toys, and soon dozing off. She did something different this morning. I was amazed to see her sleeping next to Zeetie in the living room. Her comfort level is going up with each day. I'm so happy for her.

I would never have thought Zeetie could be a mentor to another dog. She actually will put up with Hera's challenging antics more and more.

She, like any dog, will stop to listen to unknown noises. She doesn't bolt away, surprisingly enough. She will bark at the sound of sirens. She does bark when confined to her crate while we eat so I've taken to putting her in the car (where she loves to be) when we want a quiet dinner. Sometimes, we listen to it because she needs to integrate into the household. She hasn't learned yet that she must lie down while we eat and not try to take from the table. She reminds me of the Helen Keller story in that regard.

There is so much to learn and she is getting it. One step at a time. It will all come together. I recommend a quiet adult only home for our sweetie.

People who meet her are amazed at how sweet she is. My neighbour walked her with me one day. She can't believe how courageous she is when she can't even see.

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