16 April, 2012

Bath Day

Four clean dogs and a lot of dirt and hair down the drain.

Hera was a star while being bathed. However, her stress was apparent as she couldn't settle at home. I put her in the upstairs crate (travel crate) and, she finally got a little sleep.
She does like to be groomed but she wasn't so happy about being up on the table. She kept trying to slide off.
Here are the bathed beauties. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Trickster is always trying to stop the action.
A full body shot of how her coat should look. The benefits of feeding raw are really showing in her coat. It is so full, it glimmers in the light, and is even longer now. The effects of a bath brought forth the best in her coat.
As an aside, this morning I came up from downstairs. Little Miss Hera was not there. It seems she went up to the bedroom on her own for the first time. Don didn't know I had left her up there. He heard something bumping around but went back to sleep. He went into the bathroom an hour later, came out and there was Miss Hera standing there, looking up at him. Such a sweetie! What a good girl!

I feel an adult only home with no other cat or dogs would be most suitable, at this point.

Little Miss also had visitors on the weekend. Hera was at her best but I know this isn't a good thing.

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Mel said...

She seems so much smaller than I thought she would be! Are you bringing Hera to the walkathon? I would love to meet her.

Miko starts her raw food on Tuesday. It was not thawed out in time for today. I keep trying to tell myself not to, but I can't help but have high hopes. Or at least good hopes.