01 April, 2012

On My Way

Zeeter wants that toy at the window my foster mom got for me. Zeetie just takes all new toys even though they are for me. That seems to be a rule she made. In fact, if she decides she wants any of the toys, new or old, she just takes whatever she wants.
I now know what a dishwasher is.
I walk pretty well on a leash. However, we went out to some bush where there were tons and tons of new smells. I just wanted to run, and find out to whom they belonged. They wouldn't let me, though. I would get too excited to come back, although I would eventually, I'm pretty sure but they weren't taking that chance. Go figure.
After that big walk in the bush, I was very tired, as were my dog pals.
We just returned from our walk. Look, four of us can fit in the back of the car.
Where am I at after only two weeks in Canada, living in a house, and getting to be the puppy I didn't get to be before BETA took me in?

I am pretty good at going upstairs, and downstairs but need to take my time.

I decided I didn't like spending my nights sleeping in my crate, and made that very clear at 3:00 one morning. Haha, I won. I get to sleep next to my fosters' bed on my own bed, now. This is the best because I am close to them, and I sleep right through the night.

I am becoming pretty confident in my surroundings. I'll even challenge all the house dogs just to see where I stand. Well, so far, I'm still at the bottom of the dog pole. Zeetie will ignore me because I'm a silly puppy. Sometimes. Other times, she lays into me when I purr at her. She is so unpredictable. Max doesn't understand me, and well, Trickster tries to avoid me because I'm a silly puppy. If he can't, he gets pretty mad at me.

I have, what I thought, were a lot of toys (okay, Zeetie's toys). I need a few more, though. Those squeakers don't last forever. And, I found some toys called shoes, too. They are pretty tasty, but they took those all away from me.

On house-training. I have my fosters fairly well-trained that when I circle fast and whine, I need to go pee. They are finally learning how often I need to go out. I don't like to pee in the house, and they should know that.

Me with a few of my toys. Zeetie lets me play with these. Sometimes.

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