22 March, 2012

In Memory of Muffin

On the evening of Wednesday, March 21st, Muff could not get up without help, and was having trouble breathing. She didn't make a sound in the car on their trip to the vet. Normally, she would make a big fuss. At the vets, her eye whites showed jaundice, and her lungs were full of fluid. It happened so quickly.

In memory of Muffin, the sweetest, most loving dog you will ever know. Even though I visit my dearest friend in Calgary once a year, Muffy captured my heart instantly. I would arrive at Leslie's door to be greeted so enthusiastically by Muffy. I would spend 10 minutes hugging Muff, before I heard Les clearing her throat. 'Oh, right, sorry, Les, how are you?'

Muffy had a wonderful life on her 16 acre farm with four horses, two mini donkeys, two house cats, four barn cats, Leslie and Tim. Muffin loved the outdoor life, always covered in mud and horse manure in the wet season. She had a dog door, and could come and go as she pleased to and from a true mud room! She loved to be outside helping with chores, and just being with her people. She retired in the last year because of a torn ligament, and enjoyed domestic life to the fullest. She hung out a lot in the living room, spending time with her crazy house cats.

Visiting your farm will never be the same without you. I miss you, Muffin, but your spirit will be with me forever. May you and Megs enjoy running together.


Kten said...

Loss of a furry friend, if they are in your direct pack or extended pack is heartbreaking. May the fond memories of Muffin bring you comfort.

Donna said...

Thank you, Kten.