04 February, 2012

Spreading the Misery

We were walking in the lovely sunshine at the Farm as the wind blew across the fields. A female stopped to talk to us. She was in a mini-skirt that fluttered in the wind and colourful tights. Oooh, I thought. She must be cold or she was out on a day-pass.

She told us that she was 52, single, and had a heart condition and dogs off-leash could give her a heart attack. She told us this several times in her calm 20 minute query.

She certainly didn't appear to have any fear. She asked us what she could do about having people put their dogs on leash, as it was the law. Zeetie was on leash and Max and Trickster were hanging around. I have many responses to her now but at that time, I was confused by this person. Don gave some great responses, but it wasn't enough to deter her. She must have been out on a day-pass.

She then proceeded to boast how she had single-handedly made enough complaints and calls to authorities to have the NCC enforce their leash laws. Do any of you recall that year or two of hell when the NaCCi officers hid in the bushes with their flashlights and leapt out to ticket you for off-leash dogs, or drove across grass medians to get to you (Andy Haydon's wife)? If you ignored them, they followed you home and knocked on your door to give you the ticket. If you didn't take it, they left it in your mailbox. Yes, you can thank her for taxpayers money well-spent. How proud she is and she continues her important work.

It may all start happening, again. We took our leave. A commissionaire came along in his car. He told us that he had to tell us there was a woman with a complaint. It was his job to let us know that dogs were supposed to be on-leash. And, remember, he said, she isn't allowed to take photos of us.

We continued our walk. We walked out into the middle of the fields where the dogs goofed around in the sunshine. We could see her out on the road. It appeared that she was either taking photos or videos of us.

I was relaying this story to a dogwalking friend. Her response was 'She's back is she?". My friend described her to a tee. Except this time, she wasn't carrying a chain to protect herself.

Why can't people expend such energy in doing something useful in the world like volunteering at the food bank or at a soup kitchen? She is quite obviously living an unhappy life.


Chelsea said...

My goodness! This woman was for real??? You showed a lot more restraint than I think I would have been able to. Personally, if you have a condition where dogs off leash could give her a heart attack, avoiding places such as public trails might be a wise idea.

It's sad that people are so determined to make life difficult for others.

Donna said...

Yes, she is. She was a strange one indeed! We did suggest she avoid these public places, but of course, it's her right to walk there and it is the law to have your dogs on leash.

Not so sure she even has a heart condition. She is just a very unhappy person looking for people to go down with her.