11 February, 2012

And, heartwarming it was.

This fundraising concert, Music for the Heart, should have been heard and seen by all. Grace Bruno of Capital Strings does amazing work with her very talented students. And, to see these kids so disciplined and enjoying what they were doing, was, indeed, heartwarming. I could see the awe in audience members' faces as each young musician played their piece. Time seemed to come to a standstill as everyone became immersed in the sounds of violin and piano.

Veronica Pascual-Meagher, Zeke Ruddy
As for the venue, wow. Wesley United Church is a beautiful, small, dog friendly church that really set this concert off with class. The minister was both warm and inviting. She even brought her little rescue dog in for some social time. She also made it clear that dogs were always welcome to services. Where else in Ottawa can you find a place, other than a pet store, that welcomes dogs like that!

We had a good turnout thanks to Eileen Woodside and Grace who worked hard to organize and advertise this event. Just a little over $1500 was raised for which Mr. B's mom is extremely grateful. volunteers work selflessly to organize these fundraisers to save dogs in need. And, a huge thank you to all those who came out for the concert in support of Mr. Beasley.

This beautiful concert all started because of the little fella sitting here, Mr. Beasley (a.k.a. Fraggle), who was found by Diane's (MC) daughter wandering the streets on a winter's day a couple of months ago. Diane took him in but wasn't sure what to do with him next. With emails sent out in hopes of finding a forever home for him, it worked. Within a few days, there were several people in line wanting to adopt him and now he is in his forever home. However, he didn't come without medical issues. He needs major dental work once the rest of his organs have stabilized. A portion of the proceeds will go towards helping this little guy.

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