05 January, 2012

On Hair and Lack Thereof

I was in having my man, Nelson, cut my hair at Character Salon on Wellington Street. I was relaying the work being done at the shelter which had him teary-eyed as he coiffed. I was waiting to pay and he said a number and I went, not hearing correctly, wow, it's really gone up in price. He repeated the number quietly and I, in disbelief, repeated the number a couple of times '15', really '15'. He said it was the least he could do to thank me for the work I was doing at the shelter. Wow. Thanks, Nelson. He is such a doll not to mention a great stylist.

If I could understand bark, I'm positive Mac would be telling me to pack his beef, bones and beds and he'd go back to the heat of Lebanon for the winter. He has three coats (a sweater, raincoat and wintercoat) and booties but it's not enough to convince him overwise as he stands, trying to balance on two legs as his third paw is frozen. Notice his hairless inside thighs and tummy. Okay, he has a little hair on his winky but not much. I did invest in booties for him but he runs from those, now. It takes some convincing but I do get them on. He spends time huddled under his blanket on his bed when we get home from a walk just to warm up.

As the wind blows across the fields, and the drifts pile up along the road, Zeetie literally does somersaults into everyone of those drifts, loving every second of the cold. Mac runs the route as if to just get it over with, barely stopping for a pee. He won't attempt play with Zeetz until we get closer to the car, closer to warmth.

I've gone back to Lynn Hyndman's, Dogs in Harmony, methods for greeting dogs. I simply need to remember to keep my pockets full of treats. It's just so easy, well, easier when it's not -25 outside but it works. When she sees a dog and focuses, 'clever girl' (or clicker but not with two dogs in hand), she looks at me and is treated and this continues until we are past the scary dog. It's so cool. My sister's Bichon comes in the house and Zeetz doesn't even care but if it's a dog closer to Zeetz' size, she goes for it although it's just a lot of noise and posturing. Great Danes, love them because she goes into immediate playbow.

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