01 November, 2011

Seven more days of wonderment!

I had another great week at the shelter. To repeat myself, as the lady in the HSI video says, 'today is better than yesterday', and so it is for the dogs and the volunteers. If you have time to spare to make a difference in the life of these saved dogs, please contact HSI to let Malena know your availability. You will be given more information at that time. Even one day will make a difference. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

My Zeetie and Max are great, almost. A woman had an issue with Zeetie on the weekend. Two ladies found Max waiting for me in the parking lot and they walked out to meet me as I came up the trail. They both seemed like very nice ladies, until...I reached down to put the leash on Max, forgot about Zeetz and she jumped up on the woman in happiness.

Yikes. If the woman could have kicked Zeetie all the way to the highway, she would have. She was yelling at her 'Bad dog, bad dog, don't do that, bad dog' and this seemed to continue for some time. She yelled at me and how that was unacceptable (yes, it is) behaviour and she needed training and the diatribe continued. I think Zeetz was lying cringing on the ground but I couldn't say for sure. I was busy picking my jaw up off the ground at the hysterics. If you're reading this, Lynn, I have been working on her but obviously not hard enough. She doesn't jump on us and I have been working hard with her on strangers but sometimes I forget if something else is happening at the same moment. I felt bad, I apologized but thanked them for letting me know they had Max. I want to say that yelling at Zeetie for jumping up hasn't curbed her inclination to jump up as of last afternoon.
Zeetie shares Trickster's bed with him.
Zeetie awaits the next Hallowe'en Trick or Treaters. When children arrived, doorbell ringing, she stayed lying down, not a peep but her tail was wagging fiercely. Good girl, Zeetie!!

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