14 November, 2011

On the Couch and In the Car

This is typical Max on the couch for a quiet sleep. He does not like any movement on his sleeping area. I find this ironic considering he is such a wiggle monkey when he jumps into bed with us who like a quiet sleep area. As the weather cools down, we cover him up which he seems to appreciate.
These three work out the space in the back seat (I've put in a full-width board that spans the back seat of the car and provides much more room. I couldn't resist some photos. There are more in the right-hand column photos.
Ha, ha!
Max' coat is so shiny these days and it's lost its brown tinge, the result of his raw diet.
Trickster's big nose.
I'm heading back for another week at the shelter this weekend. Think positive thoughts that this will be over very soon and the courts do the right thing for the dogs.

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