16 October, 2011

Stick it to 'em

Need I say more? Max didn't grow white whiskers. Max was barking from somewhere in the bush in the blackness of early morning. I followed the sound and there they were, cornering a porcupine. Even though their noses were full of quills, they kept at it.

At home, we were successful in pulling the ones out around his eye and on his ears but he cried and moved around too much for the rest. As for Zeetie, I didn't get a photo but the front of her nose was full and I could see the redness of the tissue on her black nose.

I didn't want to take them to the vet because I've had a couple of dogs from whom I've managed to pull many quills without going that route. However, I'm forking out the dough. They are going under as we speak. Unfortunately, the vet doesn't give two for one prices.


There isn't much to say except we found another quill in Mackey's head today. Zeetie was very dozy from the anesthetic and lay down when brought out of the vet's. Zeetie is still a little dozy and wobbly today

Mackey seemed like the energizer bunny when he came out. However, at home, as he sat waiting to go outside, his whole body tilted over to one side as he fought to keep his eyes open. I finally just had to make him stay inside and lie down. Neither of them had any quills in their throats.

I'm not sure why it takes so long for them to recuperate from anesthetic. It's rather annoying. Trickster took almost a week, as I recall. All he had was some xrays done. His little legs wobbled all over for some time.

Don found one more quill in Max' head as he ran his hand over it. It took patience to get it out because it had worked its way in quite deep. Poor little man but he's fine now.

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Mel B said...

Oh no!! Poor Max & Zeetie. Hope all goes well and they'll be quill-free shortly.

Hopefully they've learned their lesson? Probbaly not though!