08 October, 2011

Incredibly Rewarding

I just returned from two weeks of volunteering at the shelter. It was quite emotional for the first couple of days but I moved on and was well-rewarded.

It was hard work and long days but well worth it. Please consider volunteering for the dogs. They especially need volunteers during the week. People of all kinds arrive even for the day who drive in from Ottawa and the outskirts who have kids and dogs at home yet they find a way to come out. Those are the people who have a wonderful support system. There are even people from the States, and all across Canada. It's that important to them. Remember that every job is an important one in order to get the work done fast and efficiently. It is amazing to see this team work in action.

I plan on returning but will regroup this weekend. With some good luck, this will soon be over.

To see updates, see HSI Canada.

To volunteer, please contact Malena with your time availability.

Malena Porras-Pena
Volunteer Coordinator
tel / 514.395.2914
fax / 514.395.8021

As an aside, it was wonderful to see my dogs, again, with their lovely soft coats.

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