19 September, 2011

Quebec ... The Puppy Mill Capital of North America

Paws R Us—That's the ad I would see in The Citizen newspaper when I used to look in the classifieds for dogs who needed homes. They also 'sold' these dogs to pet stores. They seemed to be around for a long while. I knew from the name that it couldn't be good. And, it wasn't.

This family bred 30 types of dogs at their farm in Clarendon Township. More than 500 dogs and puppies were rescued from these people with no souls. You can see the full story here: Humane Society International

It breaks me up that the owner said she is losing her livelihood and it breaks her heart. What about those dogs? According to her, the animals were seized because of cobwebs on the ceiling, untiled floors and improper ventilation. She makes it sound like nothing was wrong.

I hope this is only the beginning of the end of puppy mills. There are 800 unregulated breeders in Quebec. There is much more work to do. They also need to stop the sale of puppies in pet stores across Canada because those puppies come from puppy mills. No reputable breeder ever sells to pet stores.

This is also a reminder to those who insist on getting a purebred puppy to do your research. Simply google 'responsible dog breeder'. I have included a link Responsible Dog Breeding. Please note that there are breed specific rescues and all-around rescues may have the breed for which you are looking.

Soon after we had Clara, the breeder even came to our home to check on Clara at least twice to make sure she had been spayed, and to ensure she was being treated properly. They also followed up with phone calls. This is the way it should be. Some of you may think this is overboard, but it isn't. Ben was never neutered nor looked after properly and his end came after only four short years due to extreme aggression. He was caged most of his young life and starved.

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