22 September, 2011

Sad Day

There are so many stories out there about how my fellow 'human-being' treat animals. This is one about Honey. Honey was rescued in Kentucky where she was on the list to be euthanized when the rescue stepped up to take her in. She is a beautiful 8 year old Golden Lab.

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She has had a bad life and came in with two broken leg bones that were never set, a missing hip and a bullet near her knee. As such, she trusts no one on initial meeting. You have to work to gain her trust.

As she has become increasingly crippled, and Metacam is no longer serving its purpose, she was taken in for xrays. It was discovered that she is full of bullets. Someone had used her as target practice.

Our girl will be put out of her pain this week. The good side of this is Honey knew what a good life could be and what love was for the past six months. Thank you dog rescue for letting her know how life should be.

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