01 September, 2011

Little Newt, 7-week old Pomeranian

We took little Newt to Montreal (DMV animal hospital) for PDA heart surgery which he had today. The surgeon had never worked on a dog as tiny as Newt and the big fear was the tiny artery and loss of blood. He would have certainly died without the surgery and there was a chance he wouldn't make it through surgery.

We have waited in anticipation.The next 24-hours will be critical while he is in recovery, as well.

This little guy is the cutest ball of fluff around. He squeaks like a squirrel and loves to play. He simply deserves to live. With any luck, but highly unlikely because they want money, the backyard breeder will no longer breed because this is genetic defect.

Welcome to a whole new healthy life, Newt. And, a huge thank you to all those who so generously donated to his surgery.

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