04 September, 2011

The Dogs of Nunavut

Fish is one of the three beautiful pups whom a dog rescue recently saved from a bullet. For a pup who probably has never been socialized and doesn't know what a toy is, he is a happy puppy, and loves people and dogs. He is about five months old.

As someone who finally understands just how many unwanted dogs there are, I'll never know why people, even after I explain it all to them, insist on getting their pups/dogs from backyard breeders or even breeders, for that matter. Fish is only one of the many pups who has been saved. I don't know what will happen to the rest of the ongoing unwanted dogs once the shelter in Iqaluit has closed down. I would imagine all these dogs will simply be shot on the spot.
Zeetz met her knight in shining armour today. This Pyr simply ignored her and eventually they got together and played. My action shots are too blurry to put up.

Fish and Max getting in on the action with Zeetie.
Max found some extra action of his own as he scattered the ducks and geese.
Doesn't he just melt your heart? Little Newt is still in hospital but is well enough to come home tomorrow and spend much time with his new mom. His pneumonia following heart surgery has almost cleared up but we have been assured that he will be fine. Go Newt!!!!

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