28 August, 2011

Cool and Crazy

It's early morning and Max lies on the front lawn, enjoying the cool air with his head up and eyes closed. Zeetie in the backyard, her body formed to the crater she has created in the lawn by the fence, lies in the cool earth, ready to alert us to passers-by.

I look outside in the next few moments. Max is by the gate, waiting to be with Zeetie. I let him into the yard. I go inside to watch the ensuing games from the window. The games begin. Max grabs Zeetz by the throat and shakes with all his might. Zeetie breaks free and runs circles on what is left of the grass. Max drops his shoulder in the soft dirt and rolls onto his back. Zeetie pins him down and they start mouthing, teeth clashing. I hear Trickster upstairs, supervising the noise with the occasional bark.

I have to leave for work so I call them in. They come barrelling across the deck. The clatter is loud as they tear into the house and up the stairs. They fly onto the bed, tumbling across the occupant who was, until that moment, in a deep slumber. 'Oomph' is the only sound from Don as Max' paw lands in the middle of his stomach full force. Zeetz sits firmly as close to Don's head as she can get, tailing wagging, paw on his head waiting to be petted. Trickster shoots them a glance of disdain at disturbing his sleep. Fall is on its way as the cool weather weaves its way back into the warm weather pattern and the dogs love it.
Lawn Management has taken such pride in, until now, what was once a beautiful yet fragile lawn. Besides the wear and tear from chase, Zeetz, like any good Pyr worth their salt, has been relandscaping the yard for pyr pleasure and finding some extra coolness. She is constantly digging in hopes of building a cave but keeps encountering bedrock. She continues her work.
You can see Max is back to a good weight although he could still use another pound or two.
Happy Mackey checks in.

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