23 August, 2011

Enya and Newt

We have called her Enya. She was about to be left on the side of the road after the owners decided they'd spent enough on her at $200.00. She is a 9-week old Hound/Pyr/Lab? pup who was lethargic when they brought her in.

There was also a tiny 6-week old Pom they called Newt who was brought into the vet last week by the backyard breeder to be euthanized. Newt has a heart condition.

Enya and Newt are only two of the many dogs who need help to be healthy again. Enya is feeling better already in the care of the vet and may be released today. Yah! The funds still have to be raised for Newt in order for her to have surgery. After surgery, she will live a perfectly normal life. These two are only two of the reasons there are fundraisers such as the ones in the posting below. Or, have a look at the tabs above for more details. I hope to see you at these fun events!

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