15 July, 2011

Max is feeling better.

Max is starting to play with Zeetie, again. He initiates play and away they go. It doesn't go on for as long as it did, but it indicates to me that he is starting to feel better.

I heard on CBC that the most people will pay out for the health of their dogs is $1500. At that point, they simply euthanize or abandon them. It gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling that people's pets mean so much to them. Those people are the same ones who say 'it's just a dog'. Why did they get a dog in the first place, then?

Having said that, I am looking for alternatives to paying about $22,000.00 over 10 years in enzymes. There are over-the-counter and on-line human versions that are just less than half the price that I am trying and so far, so good. I'm also going to try beef pancreas. I'm hoping he is one of the few whose pancreas begins to work again as his pancreas shutdown was from the stress of travel. I can always hope.

I have tried putting myself into those people's shoes who would euthanize due to cost and I just couldn't imagine letting Max go for this reason. I know those reading this wouldn't 'dispose' of their pets for this reason, either. So many people including my family, certainly don't understand this although they wouldn't say it to my face. I used to think like they did, but only because they did. I didn't know any better. My dogs, until now, have never required any long-term medical attention. And now, Max. I do understand that sometimes people don't have alternatives because they really don't have the money.

I couldn't imagine giving up that happy hop as he dances on his hind legs as I walk to his food dish. The way he mimicks Zeetie getting onto the bed before me, lying full out, waiting to cuddle. Once he's had enough, like Zeetz, he curls up at the end of the bed. The way his ears bounce around as he walks along. The way he comes running as soon as he hears the car keys. The way he wiggles and wiggles and rubs around on his back in the grass, his skinny frog legs flying in the air. The way he lies in the sunshine, his head up and eyes closed as he soaks in the warmth. Killing him is not an option nor is 'giving' him away.
He looks so good here compared to what he looks like now although he's starting to put weight on, again.
I missed another photographic moment. Zeetie pounced on a groundhog and shook. Max managed to grab the other end and it was a tug-of-war, much to Zeetie's annoyance, although she couldn't do much about it without giving away the hog. You had to be there. I was laughing at how silly they looked. I called Max away. Although he didn't come away, he did let go as he spat out tufts of fur. I wanted Zeetie to be able to finish the job although I think she killed it on first shake. The hog didn't suffer. Understand that I'm not a hog lover as I watched a horse of mine have to be put down from breaking his leg in a hog hole.
A reflective moment.


Mel B said...

I would pay unlimited amounts of money for Wookie and Halladay until I was near bankrupt. But then at that point, I'm not sure I could do much more.

There is a limit for most people, unfortunately, but I think that limit for a lot of people is not far enough.

Donna said...

It's tough Mel. I often wonder what I would do if I didn't have extra money for Max. Of course, I would go bankrupt, too. After that... I also think that one has to be prepared for that possiblity that their pet may need medical attention and they should put aside for this, just in case. Here's to hoping that things don't get that bad.