26 July, 2011

He's on his way!

Max doesn't like the camera and Zeetz loves the snuggle.
I worked out the cost for feeding our two last month. It was $95.00. It will be less once Max and Zeetie go back to what they should be eating, Max at a 1 lb a day and Zeetie at 1.5 lbs. I upped both to 2 lbs a day to get some weight on them. Of course, it will cost me more this month but so worth it.
She loves crunching the chicken backs.
Slowly but surely, Mackey is gaining weight. He has stopped dancing on his hind legs as I walk towards his food dish with his food and just hops quickly now. He initiates play with Zeetz more and more and plays for longer on some occasions. So much so that management has complained about the state of the lawn. However, management didn't stop them from playing.
I'll get a better photo but you can see how he is filling in here and on his way to better health.
Max will always be faster than Zeetie. Need I mention his ears!!
Max is still thin in this photo from two weeks ago.

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