07 July, 2011


In fact, Max didn't have diarrhoea from me feeding him too much at once (although, I'm sure it didn't help) but rather from the meat bone I gave him the afternoon before. I thought the enzymes I had given him on his food would be enough to carry him through but sadly, no. I read afterwards that the enzymes must touch all of his food for it to be effective.

I have to ask, did I tell you how excited I am about feeding raw? I think of the years of trying to get my dogs to eat kibble. Clara would lie in front of her bowl when we sat down to eat and just look at it before she would take a kibble and chew on it. It took her ages to eat it. I would mix it with a stimulant such as cheese or gravy. This gave her diarrhoea.

Zeetie sniffed it, too, and walked away. Why did it take until they were starving to eat it? It just doesn't make sense. They, too, like us, should enjoy their food. The dog food industry really has us thinking their products are wonderful but that is because it's a huge money maker. It is far from natural no matter how much they make us think it is. Don't get me wrong. Some dogs do well on it. However, I'm so happy for my dogs.

Zeetie seems very content to be fed once a day and doesn't come looking for her evening feed. Max, on the other hand, is always looking for food so until he gets back to a good weight, he'll continue to look for more.

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